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Sunday, January 01, 2006


scribbleI’m reading A Million Little Peices over Christmas break. This memoir of addiction by James Frey is powerful stuff. It gets me as close to being a self-destructive, booze-swilling, glue-and-gas-huffing crackhead as I want to be, thanks.

The book has has an amazing cover. There are tons of colored cupcake sprinkles stuck all over a man’s hand on an aqua background with contemporary sans serif type. The interior design is nice as well, with part division pages that are scribbles — no text at all. I love the idea of just making marks to break the spell of empty space. Here’s my scribble to “break in” this new blog.


Blogger Ken Mastri said...

The Mrs. was just saying how much she enjoyed that book too, then I just saw this page that says the author may have fabricated parts of his story. Sheesh, you can't trust anybody these days! And if you can't trust what you hear on "Oprah", well then goshdarnit, who can you trust?!

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