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Sunday, June 04, 2006

CD designs for LibriVox

Yesterday I stumbled upon LibriVox — a rich online community of volunteers recording and distributing audiobooks from texts in the public domain. After a few postings on their forums it looks like they are willing to post CD package designs for free downloading. Some of the LibriVoxers took a look at the draft design I posted here for a Whitman audiobook and seem to like it.

Among the positive responses to the idea was a from Anita in Fan Francisco: “This CD cover / iTunes graphics idea is . . . phenomenal! . . . to be precise about it.”

They have a nice healthy list of completed projects, it’s a friendly group of folks, and LibriVox is less than a year old, so they are pretty flexible. I’m going to donate a few package designs over the summer, and assign them as a project to my students in the fall.

I’m still looking for a home for my students’ book designs. Think I need to post the folks at Project Gutenberg


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