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Saturday, August 05, 2006

My New Favorite Band

MalajubeI’m finding lots of great music on NPR’s “Song of the Day" link. My latest is Malajube, an indie/punk/pop group from Montreal, the only foreign city where I’ve danced in the streets. Their sound is fun and listenable, reminding me of 1970s cartoon pop like the Bugaloos and the Banana Splitz. They have lots in common with these bubble gum pop American bands except one thing: Malajube sings only in French. Le Kewl. Download here.

Malajube’s website, designed by design : virginie + julien is a celebration of quirky simplicity with no flash intro or clickable images. Luckily in this case, simple doesn’t mean boring, and clear does not mean obvious. The Max Ernst-style surrealist diagrams are lovely; the cocktail napkin format inspired. While you’re on the band’s page, be sure to check out the line-drawing Påte Filo video. This is the video that inspired the site.

So lace up your roller skates, jack in your Walkman, and rock on wit’cha bad self.


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