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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jennifer Maki T-Shirt Design

haiti swirls 4[1]The assignment: Create an awareness campaign for Partners in Health targeting 18–25 year-old Americans. Begin with a T-shirt design to be marketed on the web using celebrity spokesmodels. Here are Jennifer’s comments:

“I chose the outside of the design to be box-shaped because Haiti seems to be in its own little box, but there are openings in the sides to allow Haiti to “escape” so to speak. I tried to make the design look rough by using different brushes to convey the feeling of everything being hectic yet kept the design symmetrical to “give stability in an unstable world.” Of course, I chose the color maroon/dark red for blood. The “H’s” are lined underneath each other to create the illusion of a ladder “climbing up out of poverty” and the words “Help. Heal. Hope.” can also be read as “Help heal hope.” I tried to give the design a vintage feel since the audience is in my age-group and kept it a two-color process.


Blogger Todd Duren said...

Hi Jennifer! Nice shirt designs.

9:43 AM

Blogger Todd Duren said...

Testing the comments here in class!

9:44 AM


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