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Friday, October 27, 2006

Student Libri Vox Designs

This Open Door Design project has been several months in the making, and here are the results. My Design I students at Pellissippi State designed these CD covers as portfolio-quality work to be uploaded and shared with the world online. Some special folks from Canada to New Orleans have been waiting to see these covers, and I hope they enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

The public domain audio recordings are available for free online at Libri Vox, a great new all-volunteer open source project creating audio files of public domain texts. PDF files of the designs will be added to their site so teachers, librarians, and other users can download, print, and burn their own free and legal CDs, complete with cover art and playlists. All designs and illustrations are credited and licenced under Creative Commons so they can be distributed for free.

As our small contribution to recovery from Hurricane Katrina, copies of these audiobooks will be donated to the New Orleans Public Library. Special thanks to Jan Barnes for accepting these CDs!

Here's an email from NOLA aquisitions librarian Jan Barnes:


I love them! I'm especially taken with the Grimm cover. Way cool. And thanks for linking to the Library's website. That's so cool!


Please leave comments below each image: students crave feedback. Look for PDF links to be added soon, and for uploads to Libri Vox to be created as well.


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