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Friday, October 20, 2006

New Typography Links

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Typography. The bottomless well of practical creativity that keeps us from dying in the desert of design boredom. Remember: you can design without images, but if there ain’t no type (or at least linguistic symbols), it ain’t graphic design. These links include foundries, portfolio inspiration, articles, films, and everyone’s favorite: free resources. Drink up!

Linotype The grandaddy gorilla of hot metal type. Alive and kickin’.
Monotype Another hot metal survivor with digital originals.
International Typographic Corporation The industry leader in phototypesetting fonts in the 70s
Emigre The magazine that started the foundry that started the revolution.
Hoefler & Frere-Jones The Batman and Robin of contemporary typography.
Veer Type, Illustrations, Photos, and (drumroll) type geekwear!

Portfolio Inspiration
Si Scott Typography that grows vines, ornaments, and doo-dads. Amazing.
Yee Haw Industries Local heros with a national reputation
Hatch Show Print The grandaddy of Letterpress poster shops
David Carson He breaks five typographic rules before breakfast.
Neville Brody Typographic stylemaker

Reading About Type
MyFonts Musings A typography blog
U&LCThe iconoclastic 70s/80s type magazine is now online. Here a few fave articles:
Type Hierarchy
ITC Founder’s Caslon
Breaking the Web
Laurentian Canadian Magazine’s commissioned font by Rod McDonald
What Makes a Good Text Typeface?
Kerning in Quark and InDesign
Visual Alignment Making it crooked to look straight.

Free Resources
DAFont Free Fonts organized by theme
MyFonts The who, what, and when of typography. Ugly but useful.
WhatTheFont Your font identified. Amazing! Stupendous!
Cooper Black short film. The life, loves, and memories of a classic.


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