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Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Hey Kids! Here’s another competition worth entering. Adobe’s site calls this “the world’s premier higher education design and film competition.” It requires use of Adobe software in the creation process, so most of our student projects will qualify.

It’s for students only, and the deadline is Submit by April 28, 2006. My suggestion: print two of everything and enter this one and the Dallas one at the same time.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Student Design Competition

Here's a great student art and design competition that Deb Schmerler at UT told me about. The prospectus is nicely designed in a neo-swiss style, the fees are reasonable ($20 per entry) and the 22 categories include design, multimedia, interactive, photography, illustration and more.

The deadline is February 15, so get on the stick! This is for students only.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Reality Fiction

Last night while surfing the net, I ran across the Smoking Gun story on James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces. In it William Bastone claims that Frey exaggerated his own life in creating the book. Today I caught the tail end of an interview with him on All Things Considered.

Speaking as a reader of the book, I could care less whether the book is fact or fiction. The only detail in which I think that is important really is the fact that the book makes a case against the twelve step program. It’s a time-tested program that should not be dismissed by addicts the way it is by the character in the book.

But having said that, I rush to point out that I love this book. It speaks to me in a way that no other addiction or recovery book, or any recent novel for that matter, has. The tight structure of the book, the bluntly stylized writing (no quotation marks or clear paragraph breaks, and an idiosyncratic set of capitalization rules) and the beat-down-but-not-beaten protagonist make this a great book. I picked it up because I know an addict, but I’m writing now because it’s a great book.

Anyone reading Smoking Gun’s slam should check out the book for themselves. It will shatter Bastone’s critique into a million little pieces. Click here to here the author talk about his book and read from it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


scribbleI’m reading A Million Little Peices over Christmas break. This memoir of addiction by James Frey is powerful stuff. It gets me as close to being a self-destructive, booze-swilling, glue-and-gas-huffing crackhead as I want to be, thanks.

The book has has an amazing cover. There are tons of colored cupcake sprinkles stuck all over a man’s hand on an aqua background with contemporary sans serif type. The interior design is nice as well, with part division pages that are scribbles — no text at all. I love the idea of just making marks to break the spell of empty space. Here’s my scribble to “break in” this new blog.