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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Convocation T-Shirt

NationAssigning this project on short deadline with high visibility worried me, but my Design II students have risen to the ocasion. After reviewing lots of solid designs using slogans from Mountains Beyond Mountains and original imagery the students created themselves, the class chose this design by Julian Baker to print and wear to convocation on Friday morning.

The slogan is from Kidder’s book: “The only real nation is humanity.” The typographic treatment in Julian’s design emphasizes “Nation” with an oversized Helvetica headline that identifies the wearer as a member of this “nation.”

The T-shirt design would be part of an awareness campaign to Promote Partners in Health, using musicians as unpaid spokesmodels at rock festivals and in music videos. Jubilee USA used a similar campaign with Bono of U2 as spokesmodel in 2000.

Check out the online store Rosalie Hadley created in one day to sell these T-shirts. All profits will go to Partners in Health.


Blogger fergusoncreative said...

Maybe you could get the guys from the band 10 Years to wear them. They are from Knoxville and they are involved with Amnesty International already. Their video "Wasteland" deals with human rights around the world. You can check it out at

8:21 AM

Blogger GlozWurld said...

All the PIH posters were quite good. It would have been nice to be able to click on them to see a higher rez version.
3D Artist/Designer

7:23 PM


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