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Friday, September 22, 2006

Partners in Health Poster Project

This assignment in this Design I project is to design a poster to raise awareness of Partners in Health, the Haitian healthcare organization created by Dr. Paul Farmer. This is part of Pellissippi's Common Book Experience, in which first year students are reading, discussing and creating work based on Mountans Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder. Students created original images or used stock photos with permission. Click on the comments link at the bottom of this posting to leave a comment about which are successful and which could be improved.

Jill Buckley

Kitty Garland

Jeff Sellers

Haiti - Nobody Wants to See
Charles Jenkins

poster rough 5
Bailey Robinson

Tommy Hinshaw

Satoko Arai

Nathan Greenleaf

Poster 4 curves [Converted]
Melissa Dos Santos

Haiti Poster
Matt Isbill


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